A healthier lifestyle can prevent knee pain

A healthier lifestyle can prevent knee pain

With cold weather aggravating knee pain, health experts have suggested spreading awareness about healthier lifestyle choices which will help in managing inflammation and joint pain during winters.

Talking about adverse affect of winter on knee pain, the experts said that cold weather marks the beginning of a dreadful period that sees a spike in body aches, increased joint pains and in finding quick fixes to deal with them.

“Joint pains in winters are an important and well-documented medical condition and should not be ignored. Some studies attribute pains in joints and bones in winters to barometric pressure, but decreases in exposure to the sunlight in this weather that reduces Vitamin D uptake, could also be one of the important reasons for this,” said Max Hospital Shalimar Bagh’s associate director (orthopaedics) Palash Gupta.

Barometric pressure is the weight of the atmosphere that surrounds an individual. The regular pressure from the atmosphere presses against the body and the joints and prevents the tissues inside the joints from expanding, but in winters when the barometric pressure drops, this creates room for the tissue to expand. This, in turn, puts pressure on the joints and nerves in the body aggravating joint pains during the cold weather.

“While the change in the barometric pressure is a non-modifiable factor and we can do little about it, there are several modifiable factors as well that could help reduce the joint pains significantly in winters, if managed effectively. Making right lifestyle changes and consulting orthopaedics experts at the right time is amongst few of them,” added Dr Gupta.

The experts suggested that the first and simplest thing which one could do to prevent joint pains in the winters is to listen to their body. “Do not sit for a long time, especially in one position. Stretching occasionally is not just good for blood circulation, but also physical activity reduces the risk of osteoarthritis. Also, along with this, one should make sure to drink plenty of water. Dressing up warmly adding extra layers over knees and legs,” they advised.

Further, it is suggested that one should take a break in between work schedule to stretch to help maintain mobility. This reduces joint stiffness and pains. “Try keeping your knees warm with a neoprene sleeve or a knee wrap. Wearing layers and dressing appropriately for the cold helps maintain the body temperature and muscle flexibility. Take some time to go out in the sun and take your daily dose of Vitamin D.”

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