How To Battle Joint Aches This Winter With These 6 Useful Tips

How To Battle Joint Aches This Winter With These 6 Useful Tips

Winters brings a host of health ailments which can turn out to be severe if precautions are not taken at the right time. Dr Lalit Panchal, Orthopaedician at Fortis’ SL Raheja Hospital shares a few helpful tips on battling those familiar aches and pains during the cold.

People who suffer from Arthritis are more likely to experience Osteoarthritis symptoms, especially during the winters. And therefore, it becomes even more crucial to take extra effort towards your healthcare. The following tips will now make your winter arthritis more comfortable and easy going.

1. If your knees ache, your best bet is to keep them warm and stretch them at regular intervals. Low impact such as aerobics, swimming in a heated pool, weight training, and riding a stationary bicycle can reduce stiffness, increase the blood flow, and support the knees.

2. Adequate hydration is important during winters, as dehydration decreases flexibility resulting into the chance of injury and the sensitiveness to pain.

3. Since you are less likely to get enough vitamin D from its natural source, sunlight, in the winter, so talk to your doctor about your need for supplements or vitamin D-fortified foods.

4. It’s crucial that you keep yourself warm by wearing gloves to protect your hands and knuckles.

5. Also, a gentle massage with warm oil eases inflammation, improves circulation and relaxes your muscles. As a result, your joints will feel better, too.

6. Winter aches and pains all over the body can be relieved by administrating massage therapy by a professional. If required, an occasional Paracetamol also can be taken to deal with severe pain.

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