Companies begin fortifying Milk with Vitamin A, D to combat deficiencies

Source: Hindustan Times

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Milk suppliers in India have begun fortifying their product with Vitamin A and D after the country’s food regulator laid down new guidelines to combat common their deficiencies. (more…)

When treating infertility, vitamin D levels may be key

Source: Bestopic

Women with low vitamin D levels may be less likely to have a baby after assisted reproductive technology (ART) than those with normal vitamin D levels, a new study suggests.

The finding stemmed from a review of 11 published studies that involved a total of 2,700 women who were undergoing ART, which includes in vitro fertilization and frozen embryo transfer to achieve pregnancy.

What can high-vitamin D foods do for you?


In looking at the growing number of Google searches for vitamin D over the past several years, it is abundantly clear that vitamin D is very much on our collective mind. About vitamin D mania there are a few things we know for certain like calcium absorbtion, strong bones, here are a few more things to add on to the list. (more…)

Vitamin D| A Silent Epidemic


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The essentiality of vitamins as a source of nutrients, that enables the smooth and normal functioning of the body, is well accepted by many. Vitamins are classified as two type s- water soluble and fat soluble; Vitamin C and the B group of vitamins is water-soluble whereas, Vitamins A, D, K & E are fat soluble. (more…)

Dental X-rays can reveal vitamin D deficiency

Source: Business Standard

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Now, your dentist may be able to detect vitamin D deficiency before it becomes a major problem, according to a recent study.

Vitamin D deficiency, a serious but often hidden condition that can now be identified by a simple dental X-ray, McMaster anthropologists Lori D’Ortenzio and Megan Brickley have found. (more…)

Are You Pregnant? Ensure Adequate Vitamin D Levels, Here’s Why

Source: NDTV

Vitamin D is a nutrient essential to human health owing to its role in the development and strengthening of our bones. Regular and adequate Vitamin D consumption is important for optimum calcium absorption by the body. A recent study notes that Vitamin D is also crucial for expecting mothers. Experts studied data from close 11 studies involving about 2700 women who were undergoing in-vitro fertilization. It was found that live births were more likely to occur by a third in women with adequate levels of vitamin D. (more…)