Diabetes And Its Complications Are Influenced By Vitamin D Deficiency

Dr. Pradeep Gadge'

Diabetes And Its Complications Are Influenced By Vitamin D Deficiency

Dr. Pradeep Gadge is a renowned Diabetologist in Mumbai, who is well known for managing complicated diabetic cases.
Dr. Gadge topped the Diabetology examination, beating the second ranker by a huge margin of 10%. Over the years, he has written chapters on diabetes in various textbooks and has been a Clinical Investigator on several clinical trials. Dr. Gadge is in the teaching faculty for postgraduate Diabetology students at the College of Physicians and Surgeons in Mumbai.


All over the world deficiencies of Vitamin D are rising. In the recent years, researchers have shown a link between Vitamin D deficiency and the inability for the body to make insulin, a hormone required for maintaining normal blood sugar. It is also becoming clearer that Vitamin D deficiency is associated with developing diabetes and/or worsening of diabetic complications such as painful nerves in the limbs. Vitamin D deficiency also seems to increase the risk of heart and vessel disease.

Vitamin D and Diabetes

There is plenty of evidence that shows that low levels of vitamin D lead to higher rates of deaths due to diabetes itself and/or due to the various complications of diabetes such as nerve damage, kidney failure and eye problems. Adults that suffer from diabetes and are not on insulin seem to benefit from taking Vitamin D supplementation. Another 30 year study also proved that taking Vitamin D as a supplement daily  in the first year of life reduces the chances of developing insulin dependent diabetes in children. Patients taking Vitamin D supplements also seem to require less insulin levels when being supplemented with Vitamin D. Diabetic complications are also known to occur more when patients have lower levels of Vitamin D. Severe Vitamin D deficiency causes worsening of diabetic complications and earlier deaths in diabetics also.

Vitamin D and damage to the nerves

About one third of diabetic patients experience problems with their nervous system leading to numbness, jolting pain, and irritation. By taking Vitamin D supplements diabetic patients can ensure that their nerves will be less prone to damage from their diabetic condition. The pain experienced due to nerve damage is worsened when Vitamin D deficiency exists in Diabetic patients.

Vitamin D and the effect on our kidneys

Kidney disease, which frequently occurs in diabetics is a cause for low Vitamin D levels. Vitamin D supplementation in these patients has been shown to reduce the chances of heart disease and death in these patients.

Vitamin D and problems of the eyes

Eye disease is another known complication of diabetic patients and as such, diabetes is the leading cause of blindness in patients.  Several studies have found an association between Vitamin D deficiency and the early aging of the eyes and premature thinning of the layer that produces vision in our eyes. Diabetic patients with Vitamin D deficiency are known to have worsening of their eye health and present with greater complications.

Summary and Conclusions – Key Points

  1. The occurrence of Vitamin D deficiency is in high proportions in the entire world , particularly in the diabetic population.
  2. Vitamin D appears to play a very important role in the development, long-term complications, also in the treatment of diabetes.
  3. Studies point to long term Vitamin D deficiency as being a cause of diabetic complications and producing worse painful symptoms with more nerve damage.
  4. Adequate Vitamin D supplementation may help to reduce the number of complications in diabetic patients and better control their sugar levels.
  5. Since Vitamin D can enhance the use of insulin by the body it can be concluded to have an effect on prevention, diabetic control and better management of complications.
  6. Vitamin D supplement therapy represents a promising way to better manage diabetic complications. Vitamin D supplements can thus be used by the general population as a simple and cheap solution to reduce the occurrence of diabetes and also reduce the impact of diabetes complications. Vitamin D supplementation is a safe and effective method to minimize and treat the various complications of diabetes.

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