Foods To Increase Immunity During Pregnancy

Foods To Increase Immunity During Pregnancy

All to-be mothers are always seeking foods to increase immunity during pregnancy as they are much healthier than the regular medication or pills. Pregnancy is an extremely delicate phase in a woman’s life as she is contributing from her own body to create a life form inside her. This also implies that in case she is lacking certain nutrients, it would not only bring down her strength and immunity but that of the unborn child as well. Hence, it is essential to concentrate and device a healthy eating plan with foods to boost immunity in pregnancy. 8 Foods To Eat During Pregnancy To Make A Baby Smart Given the morning sickness and taste malfunctions during pregnancy, it is essential to have a few buffer ingredients in the kitty before chalking out a plan. The plan should suit your taste as well as the body’s need for certain essential elements important for immunity and health. There is a long list of foods for health but, below enlisted is a catalog of Foods to increase immunity during pregnancy.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is powerful anti-oxidants that are absorbed by the body in the form of beta-carotene, essential to fight minor infections and possibility of birth defects in your baby. Foods to boost immunity in pregnancy can never be complete without a particular reference of the vitamin A that also monitors and supports the growth of foetus. Some of the most important foods rich in Vitamin A are carrots, mangoes, sweet potatoes and almonds. In old folk tales, almonds were given out the most essential ingredient or foods to increase immunity during pregnancy. Even today, they are considered to be the healthiest nutrient to boost immunity because of gifted content of riboflavin, manganese and copper.
Vitamin D Vitamin D is extremely essential in fighting off the cold and flu and can be continued through the breast feeding phase. However, during winters, sunlight is hard to catch. The foods to increase immunity during pregnancy that contain vitamin D are oily fish, eggs, multi vitamin cereals, zinc. Zinc The next on the list is Zinc for its post delivery benefits and repair, reproduction and functioning of DNA. Some of the foods rich in zinc are dairy products, shell fish, nuts.

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