Fun in the Sun

Enjoy The Sun – A Natural Sources Of Vitamin D

Vitamin offers innumerable health benefits. It is known to be extremely important for the bone health. However, many studies have shown that this vitamin has many other benefits such as fighting depression and protection against cold. Unfortunately, a lot of people out there are vitamin D deficient. The bigger problem is that a lot of people what foods containing vitamin D as they do not have much knowledge about it. Here are some of the big sources of vitamin D. Make sure that you are taking adequate amount of this vitamin for health and bone strength.

There are different ways to get Vitamin D in your daily life. One of the best sources of vitamin D is the Sun. It is one of the most effective natural sources of Vitamin D. But the problem is that most of the people are not getting sufficient exposure to the sunlight. In fact, most of the people cover themselves when they go out to avoid exposure to the UV rays. If you want vitamin D in sufficient quantity, make sure you spend at least 30 minutes every day under the sun. In order to avoid any harmful effects of UV rays, you can apply sunscreen to the exposed areas of your body.

Other Natural Vitamin D Sources

Top 8 Vitamin D rich foods

Button Mushrooms

Mushrooms and Shiitake are high on sucking up light and rich in Vitamin D as well as vitamin B.


This high omega 3 containing fish oil gives up around 90% of the required amount of Vitamin D of daily requirement.

Sockeye Salmon

3 and half ounce of cooked salmon also provides the recommended intake for dietary intake of Vitamin D.


Herrings are also high in Vitamin D as they thrive on Planktons.


A small tin can of sardines provides as high as 70% of the total Vitamin D of the daily needs.

Catfish and Tuna

Both are high on Vitamin D content, wild Tuna is most nutritious of all.

Cod Liver Oil

The golden oil is rich in Omega 3 Fatty acids as well as super rich in Vitamin D.

Eggs and Sunshine

Eggs are another food that contain Vitamin D but in smaller amounts. The entire egg only contains 10% of total needs. And the foremost source is daily exposure to sun. Take sunbath daily to get your intake right.