Great Sources Of Vitamin D To Keep Your Bones in Great Shape

Great Sources Of Vitamin D To Keep Your Bones in Great Shape


Do you wake up early and stand in the sun to make yourself feel relaxed? If you do, then you are doing an excellent job for your health. The Sunshine is one of the best sources of Vitamin D that you must get daily to increase your intake of this Vitamin.

Vitamin D is essential for carrying out many functions such as keeping bones, muscles, and teeth healthy, controlling cell growth and strengthening the immune system. The deficiency of Vitamin D could harm your bones, making them weak. Thus, it is important to get enough amount of Vitamin D daily to keep yourself healthy and fit. The symptoms of Vitamin Deficiency are :
1.Low immunity against Disease 2.Poor Bone Health 3.Slow Healing of wounds 4. Fatigue and Tiredness 5. Hair Loss 6. Muscle Pain 7. Depression Although, getting oneself exposed to sunlight is the best way to get Vitamin D; however constant exposure to the UV rays for a long time can put people at the risk of developing skin cancer. Thus, one cannot stand in the sun for too long to get Vitamin D. Now, you must be thinking what can be other sources of Vitamin D, isn’t it? Well, there are some foods which contain Vitamin D that you can incorporate into your diet to get your intake of this important Vitamin. Here are some of the Best Natural Sources of Vitamin D

  1. Sunlight:
    Sunlight is the perfect way to give your body Vitamin D. But because sunlight can also cause skin cancer, it is not recommended to spend too much time out in the sun. If you want to get Vitamin D from sunlight, then you can spend time outside for about 2025 minutes under the sun. Also, getting yourself exposed to the sun does not mean that you enjoy the sunshine from inside your house where sun rays are breaking in through your windows. You must step out and enjoy the sun to get Vitamin D.
  2. Mushrooms:
    This finger-licking food is a rich source of Vitamin D. Mushrooms grow in sunlight and are great at absorbing sunlight, which makes them a perfect source of Vitamin D. Also, they are full of B-complex vitamins such as B1, B2, B5 and other minerals like copper. You should choose mushrooms that are dried in natural sunlight so that you get a maximum of Vitamin D.
  3. Milk:
    As a child, have you ever been scolded by your parents for not drinking milk? Well, most of us have! Since ages, milk has been in the demand as everyone is aware of its numerous health benefits. But, you will be surprised to know that one glass of milk provides 20% of your daily requirement of Vitamin D. So, make it a habit of drinking one glass of milk every day as it is an effective way to get Vitamin D. You must remember that dairy products like cheese or yoghurt do not contain Vitamin D; it’s best to take fluid milk or products made from whole milk to get this Vitamin.
  4. Egg Yolks:
    Eggs are the easiest way to get Vitamin D. There are so many egg recipes that you can try; for instance, you can have eggs for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even dessert. An egg yolk is loaded with Vitamin D; thus it is important to use the whole egg to get Vitamin D.
  5. Orange Juice:
    Do you like this tangy fruit? If you do, you must include orange juice to your diet as those who do not like milk can start their day with a glass of fresh orange juice. A cup of Orange juice contains 100 IU Vitamin D. Scared to drink milk to get Vitamin D? Grab some oranges and drink orange juice to get this essential Vitamin D.
  6. Cod Liver Oil:
    Cod liver oil is not only full of Vitamin D; it is also loaded with other vitamins like Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and Omega-3 fatty acids. One tablespoon of Cod Liver Oil contains 1300 IUs of Vitamin D. If you consume this oil on a regular basis, then it can give you many health benefits, such as it can keep your bones healthy, prevent osteoporosis and improve brain activity. Do you not like the strong smell and avour of Cod Liver Oil? If you don’t, then you can take cod liver oil in the capsule form.
  7. Salmon Salmon is a tasty food which is also one of the best sources of Vitamin D. 3.5 ounces of salmon can provide you with 80% of the daily requirement of Vitamin D. A 3-ounce salmon Fillet contains 450 IUs of Vitamin D, and you also get Omega-3 fatty acid which is highly beneficial for health. Getting an adequate amount of Vitamin D for our health is important.

Get the sunshine in the early morning and include the foods mentioned in the article to get your daily dose of Vitamin D!Should you face any issues arising from the deficiency of Vitamin D -Do not hesitate to Consult a Good Doctor and get a Vitamin D Test Done from a Reputed Lab Nearby to get the concerns sorted out as early as possible.

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