Lounge in sun to have a healthy heart

Lounge in sun to have a healthy heart

Relaxing in sun might be next on your to-do list. Lack of vitamin D is linked to an increased risk of coronary artery disease, heart attacks and stroke.

Researchers found that patients are protected against heart trouble if their vitamin D level is anywhere above 15 nanograms per millilitre. Even if any level above 15 is safe, one out of 10 people still has lower levels of vitamin D, which amounts to a large part of the population. Some studies suggest that there’s an increase in heart related issues during winters due to lack of sunlight. Due to a transitional shift in the way people workout (as opposed to running, jogging or stretching out in the open) and stay mostly indoors for work and play, it is very common to find people suffering from heart diseases nowadays. While many stay away from sun in order to avoid increased risk of skin cancer, it has been credited with other benefits like combating cancer, multiple sclerosis, asthma and type 2 diabetes.

Here’s how you can get your dose of Vitamin D:

– Make sure on having fatty fish like salmon, canned trout and tuna, sardines, tuna steak at least once a week
– For vegetarians, dairy products like butter, buttermilk, fortified skimmed milk, fortified low fat fruit yogurt and cheese serves the purpose
– Fortified cereal, egg yolks, Portobello mushroom and tofu are other everyday items you can include in your diet

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Source: Timesofindia.indiatimes.com

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