Here’s the single vitamin that can help men last longer in bed


Men across the world consider lasting longer in bed as a mark of performing well and are always looking for ways to maintain a strong erection for a longer interval of time. A large number of men are also facing erectile issues due to various factors including age, stress and even pornography.

While pills and several new procedures are being explored to cure erectile dysfunction and experts are suggesting ways for men to have longer erections, the answer may lie in a single vitamin. Research has found that the levels of vitamin D in a man’s system determine risks of erectile issues.

Proper functioning of blood vessels depends on nitric oxide in the body, and this may face depletion from superoxide ions. These ions depend on the level of vitamin D, since high levels of the vitamin can prevent production of superoxide ions.

So maintaining vitamin D levels in the body can keep erectile dysfunction at bay and make men get a rock hard erection. In case of those with low vitamin D, supplements may prove to be helpful.