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7 Foods to Help You Get Your Daily Dose

Vitamin D is a vital fat-soluble secosteroids, which is essential in human body to absorb minerals like Zinc, Magnesium, Calcium, Iron and Phosphate. The Vitamin D is medically group as Ergocalciferol (Vitamin D2) and Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3). The natural way to get Vitamin D is through our body skin exposure to sun light or it is a natural sunshine vitamin. However, people living in high altitudes, cold region and dark skinned people cannot absorb this vitamin due to low intensity of sunrays in their region. They can go for alternatives like taking medicines or by eating Vitamin D rich foods. If you ask what foods contain vitamin d, the below are the list according to their high concentration.

1. Salmon Fish
The salmon is a fatty fish rich in Vitamin D. The Salmon fish is majorly available in all coastal regions of this world and you can buy them online, if you are away from the coastal place. The best way to consume them is by using less oil in cooking and that to not by deep fry cooking.

2. Sardines Fish
The Sardines fish is commonly available in all continents of this world. It has rich source of vitamin D essential for bone building in humans. This fish is commonly available in all fish markets and in online store. You can buy them through online store, where Sardines fish is not in supply in your local fish market or there is no fish market at all.

3. Tuna Fish
The Tuna is a global fish mostly available in all coastal countries and fish markets. It is rich source of Vitamin D, when you consume them by steaming it. However, consuming the fresh Tune is the best to get Vitamin D benefits in your body.

4. Cow’s Milk
The cow’s milk belongs to tropical and sub tropical region contains very high amount of vitamin D. Since, these cows are naturally prone to sun light and have enough vitamin D in their milk. ‘’If’’ you drink fresh cow milk daily in the morning before food will help you to absorb more vitamin D in to your body.

5. Chicken Egg
The chicken egg contains 11% of Vitamin D in the egg yolk. It is advisable to consume them in boiled form to get maximum absorption of vitamin D in your body. The organic chicken egg is preferable to consume, which are commonly available in all e-stores.

6. Mushrooms
The mushrooms (Portobello) are delicious food that you consume them as ingredients or wholly in many of the culinary that you prepare in your home. This is a cheap source of Vitamin D, which you can cultivate in your home. They are also available in online store with many varieties of mushroom packs.

7. Cereals
If you ask, what foods contain vitamin d in cereals? The cereals like Kamut, faro, multi grain cereals, amaranth, whole grains and quinoa are rich in Vitamin D. If you add these cereals in your culinary daily, it will benefit your entire family.