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Ways to get vitamin d during winter

Vitamin D is one of the most integral vitamins needed by the body for the appropriate functioning on daily basis. It is often referred to as the sunshine vitamin and the sun rays are the utmost source of the same. It is a fat-soluble vitamin and regulates the absorption of Calcium and phosphorus and monitors proper functioning of immune system.

Why is Vitamin D important?

Deficiency the vitamin can lead to impaired growth of teeth and bones and can lead to rickets, osteomalacia and osteoporosis. The vitamin protects us against certain diseases and maintains the optimum level of Calcium in the body. Vitamin D also boosts weight loss and cumbers depression.

Natural Sources of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is one vitamin that is richly available as soon as we step out in the sun, as our body produces it when we expose our skin to sunlight. Most of the requirement is fulfilled through the sun rays and the left over can be completed with the help of food resources. Best sources are the fatty fishes like tuna and salmon. Few other sources with minute amount of vitamin are liver, cheese and egg yolk. Few readymade cereals are engrossed with the vitamin and can help the body with the vitamin supply.

  • Sunbathing
  • Expose as much skin as possible to get the maximum benefit out of the short span spent in the sun.

  • Sun Lamp
  • You can also use a sun lamp in case you have no encounter to sun rays. Buy the best product available in the market and follow the given instructions properly.

  • Avoid Sunscreen
  • Avoid using a sunscreen if you are living in an area that has a very short span of sun exposure to make the most of the sun rays.

  • Shadow Trick
  • Since in the winters the sun is rarely seen and that too for a short period, the body’s requirement should be fulfilled through other measures. There is a showdown trick that you can imply to get the best dose of the vitamin. Make a showdown of your hand and instigate its height if it is smaller than the UVB rays which are needed to make the vitamin are the strongest and hence you can decrease your optimum sunbathing time.

  • Food Supplements

  • Switch towards the food supplements like the fatty fishes which can easily fulfill the body’s daily requirement of the vitamin D.

  • Vegetarian Food Supplements
  • Vegetarian’s can avail the almond milk, orange juice and yogurt which are fortified with the vitamin. Cheese, egg yolk is also good sources to get the necessary vitamin in the body.

  • Artificial Supplements
  • Vitamin D tablets and powders are available freely in the market and can be purchased at a nominal range. They can be taken once a day to complete the daily requirement of the body if you live in an area which is not accessible to any sun rays. Vegetarian’s can also opt for the same as the food sources are not satisfactory.