Vitamin D For Diabetes Patients

Vitamin D For Diabetes Patients

Dr A Ramachandran’s – Diabetes Hospitals|
Director & Consultant Diabetologist,
Dr A Ramachandran’s Diabetes Hospitals

In his previous interview to THP team, Dr Arun Raghavan of Dr. A Ramachandran’s Diabetes Hospitals spoke about the Diabetes Treatment and the future scope for the same. In this issue, he is sharing details on Vitamin D and its connection with combating Diabetes.

Edited Excerpts:
What’s the Vitamin D diet you recommend for a person with the risk of getting Diabetes?
Ans: A diabetic patient has to take less carbohydrates, one fruit a day, fruits like Apple, Guava, Papaya…
One should strictly avoid sweets. If you’re in diet for a week and then if you’re going to have a sweet, then all your efforts in dieting goes in vain.

What kind of exercises you recommend for a diabetic patient?
Ans: Jogging and brisk walking are the most recommended exercises for a diabetic patient. Strength training for youngsters would increase insulin resistance.

How can one save himself/ herself from the risk of getting Diabetes?
Ans: Pre-diabetic people who are at the risk of getting Diabetes, we encourage them to take up some
physical activities and also indulge in sports. We recommend them to prevent sugar in their daily diet.
That is more than enough. It delays around 10 years of you getting the risk of Diabetes.

Most of the people in our country have the risk of getting Vitamin D deficiency. Why is it so?
Ans: Most Indians have low Vitamin D levels. Being a tropical country, it is very unfortunate most of the people in our country are at the risk of getting Diabetes. It is mainly because; people nowadays confine themselves to office and home.

They never bother to step out and indulge in some sports during evening time. Also the penetration
of Sunlight is lower than a Western country. We need prolonged exposure to sun light than a westerner. Another thing is most of Indians are vegetarians. Fish consumption is one way westerners get more Vitamin D.

What is the best way to administer Vitamin D?
Ans: Nowadays we are recommending Vitamin D capsule for our patients. Also for youngsters indulging in sports in the evening time is recommended. Prolonged exposure to sun offers more Vitamin D than anyother source.

What is the minimum reference range of Vitamin D in a normal person?
Ans: 30 is the minimum level required. If they have a reference range of 10-30, we ask them to take a capsule once a week. If it is less than 3-10, we give them one shot of injection and then followed
by that we ask them to take a capsule.

We thank Dr A Ramachandran and Dr Arun Raghavan for this interview.

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