Why you can’t afford to miss out on Vitamin D

Why you can’t afford to miss out on Vitamin D

Remember that cute little six-something boy who featured in a TV ad for leading brand of malt drink sermonising “Ismein mein hai Vitamin D jis se doodh ka calcium waste nahin hota…” You know what even at that tender age he used to give us “tip of the lifetime”.

Researches in recent years on micronutrients, their role and supplementation have proved Vitamin D is the “new age sanjeevani”.

In my practise over the years patients of all ages have come with health problems related to insufficient/deficient Vitamin D. Symptoms ranging from fatigue, painful limbs to unreasonable muscular spasms, brittle bones, frequent sprains, recurrent fractures and in worst condition osteoporosis that worsens with the onset of chilly winters. In the hurry to get rid of these symptoms, what they don’t realise is the ” power of everyday diet” and the importance of Vitamin D.

Wonder what’s the hullabaloo about Vitamin D?

Well, Vitamin D is an essential fat-soluble vitamin that our own bodies manufacture when exposed to sunlight (ideal time being mornings).

Active form of Vitamin D in the body helps in the absorption of calcium and phosphorus from food in the gut and re-absorption of calcium in the kidneys. This in turn helps in increasing the flow of calcium in the bloodstream to help strengthen bones, skeletal muscles and teeth.

It also is responsible for cell-to-cell communication throughout the body thus, being very important for maintaining neural health and cognitive function.

Not only this, new researches emit light on Vitamin D being highly beneficial as a mood booster, it is anti-carcinogenic (curbs cancer growth) and is also anti-inflammatory (relieves pains).

But India is a tropical country, rich in sunlight and you have no reason to be Vitamin D deficient…

You need your Vitamin D levels checked…

1. ‘Coz you are brown/dark skinned. Presence of the pigment melanin that gives a dark tone to skin reduces the skin’s ability to make Vitamin D even in the presence of adequate sunlight.

2. ‘Coz staying in air-conditioned homes, offices and schools, limits your exposure to sun.

3. Your diet has been low in fats and dairy for long time or you are vegan.

4. If you suffer from kidney dysfunction or have a medical issue that affects the intestine’s ability to absorb nutrients from the food ingested, then the Vitamin D level becomes questionable.

5. If you are obese and on a weight loss programme without supplementation, then Vitamin D is extracted from the blood by fat cells making you deficient.

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